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Hannah Kwaw

Accra, Ghana

Hannah Kwaw

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My name is Hannah Kwaw. I live in Accra, Ghana. I have a degree in computer science from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. I am a software developer at a fintech company and I work with React.js, Tailwind css, JavaScript and HTML. I enjoy reading and dancing, even though I am bad at it.

What drew me to tech

I loved chemistry and math in school. Growing up I always wanted to be an engineer, working with heavy machinery. I was introduced to tech just before I graduated from secondary school. A friend suggested I add computer science to the list of courses to choose when applying for my university education. I did exactly that, and I got into the program.

I am excited that tech is expanding in Africa; seeing people make an effort to learn how to code regardless of gender really warms my heart.

For me, the greatest benefits of working in tech include getting to discover more ways to solve problems and the ability to think beyond average – and also make a lot of money.

How I found Treehouse

I found Treehouse through a YouTuber named Chris Sean. In the last quarter of 2019, I signed up for Treehouse’s free trial. I liked it so much, and I realized that my knowledge in building applications was very little, so I decided to pay for a subscription so I could continue learning.

The Treehouse platform is a perfect balance between flexible and strict: Flexible in the sense that you can learn at your own pace, and strict in the sense that when you do not commit to continue learning you will be throwing money down the drain.

How my career has evolved since learning with Treehouse

I work as a software developer at PCESDoo. The hiring manager reached out to me on LinkedIn for a freelance job; after two weeks, I received a full-time offer. The salary I was offered was double what I was anticipating, and I even received a pay raise after my first month.

My job involves a lot of React.js, and 90% of what I know about Javascript and React I learned from Treehouse. When I started my role, I was so excited that I reached out to my favorite Treehouse teacher, Guil Hernandez, to thank him for teaching me well.

My favorite part of my job is being able to go on an all-expenses-paid business trip. The most challenging part of my job is being able to communicate effectively in business terms.

I have found that being able to communicate an idea effectively is essential to being a developer.

My advice to other Treehouse students

I would say that working in tech is a very good opportunity to learn more and earn more. If you are willing to spend time working on your dreams, you can definitely make it.

One thing I wish I’d known when I started Treehouse was to practice in my own editor, rather than using the Treehouse editor all the time. Another thing I wish I had known was to learn JavaScript before React.

What my future holds

The future for me is beautiful - at least I believe it is. I share my experiences in my career on a YouTube channel I created, Hannah Kwaw. It is really exciting to hear what people have to say about their experiences, as well as see people’s interest in learning how to code.

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