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Treehouse Tracks are guided curriculums that cover all relevant Courses and Workshops necessary to master a subject. Treehouse’s learning library includes dozens of Tracks on a variety of topics including web design, programming, and more. With Compass, you’ll also be able to test out of subjects you already know, and create a custom curriculum for your learning goals.

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19 hours Track

Beginning JavaScript

JavaScript powers the interactivity and the user experience on every major website. From user interfaces that provide richer desktop-like experiences to real-time data and messaging applications, you'll find JavaScript in the browser, on your phone and on the server.

In this Track we'll introduce you to the JavaScript language, jQuery, the popular JavaScript framework and the ins-and-outs of adding interactivity in the browser.

You'll also learn the fundamentals of programming by learning this fun and easy-to-get-started with language.

The first course you'll take is JavaScript Basics. We'll cover what JavaScript is and where it is used, syntax, variables, data types, and more.

Next, we'll dive a bit deeper into JavaScript numbers and functions. You'll learn about how to store numbers and convert them to different kinds of data, as well as working with the Math object. The Functions course will take you through creating and calling a function, as well as passing information to functions.

The next portion of the Track covers JavaScript Loops and Arrays, so that you can write less repetitive code and store information more succinctly. Then, we'll cover JavaScript Objects, where you'll learn the basics of JavaScript objects as a data structure (using objects to store key/value pairs).

JavaScript and the DOM is next—you'll learn how to create interactive web pages and learn all about selectors. We'll then build a simple app to gather RSVPs from users, and use DOM Scripting to put it together.

Lastly, we'll cover accessibility standards for developers—how to create experiences that are accessible to all users as well as tools and techniques to ensure your projects are up to those standards.

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  • An entry-level salary for the technologies covered in this track is about $65,000 / yr on average.

  • Some companies that use these technologies regularly include: Amazon, Netflix, Walmart, PayPal, Groupon, Airbnb, Spotify